Nuno Romao (15/09/17)

Anders Claesson, September 11, 2017

Math Colloquium

Speaker: Nuno Romao, IHES

Title: Vortex moduli and the physics of gauged sigma-models

Location: Naustið, Endurmenntun
Time: Friday 15 September at 13:30


Vortices appear as static and stable solutions in field theories known as gauged sigma-models; these are defined on surfaces and can have both linear and nonlinear targets. I will give an overview of recent results concerning the underlying moduli spaces (parametrizing all vortex configurations up to gauge equivalence with fixed topology) and explain their physical significance. My talk will focus on the case where the target is a two-sphere with circle action; in this simple nonlinear model, many important questions can be answered at least in particular examples.