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Lukas Schneiderbauer

PhD defense, Friday September 25 at 14.00, in Veröld, room 023 Semi-Classical Black Hole Holography  The defense will be streamed: Dissertation title: Semi-Classical Black Hole Holography  Opponents: Dr. Veronika Hubeny, Professor of Physics at UC Davis,USADr. Mukund Rangamany, Professor of Physics at UC Davis, USA Advisor: Dr. Lárus Thorlacius, Professor at the Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of […]

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Anna Helga Jónsdóttir och Benedikt Steinar Magnússon

[:is]Math colloquium Fyrirlesari: Anna Helga Jónsdóttir og Benedikt Steinar Magnússon, Háskóli Íslands Titill 1: Student evaluations of teaching at the University of Iceland – analysis of data from 2013 – 2017 Ágrip 1: Student evaluations of teaching (ísl. kennslukönnun) is administrated at the end of each and every course at the University of Iceland with

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Hólmfríður Sigríðar Hannesdóttir

[:is] Math Phys seminar Fyrirlesari: Hólmfríður Sigríðar Hannesdóttir , Harvard University Titill: Infrared Finite S-matrix elements and Cross Sections Staðsetning: A-050Tími: Þriðjudag 27.ágúst kl. 14:00 Ágrip: Quantum field theory (QFT) works remarkably well for making theoretical predictions in collider scattering experiments. One of the fundamental objects in these calculations, the scattering matrix (S-matrix), is inspired

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Finnur Lárusson

[:is]Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Finnur Lárusson, Adelaide University Titill: Chaotic holomorphic automorphisms of Stein manifolds with the volume density property Staðsetning: VR-II, V-158Tími: þriðjudagur 9. júlí kl. 11.00 Ágrip: I will report on joint work with Leandro Arosio.  Let $X$ be a Stein manifold of dimension $n\geq 2$ satisfying the volume density property with respect to an exact

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Christiana Pantelidou

[:is]Math Phys seminar Fyrirlesari: Christiana Pantelidou, Durham University Titill: Incoherent hydrodynamics and density waves Staðsetning: VR-II, V-258Tími: mánudagur 24. júní kl. 14.00 Ágrip: I will consider thermal phases of holographic lattices at finite chemical potential in which a continuous internal bulk symmetry can be spontaneously broken. In the normal phase, translational symmetry is explicitly broken

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Guðmundur Magnússon

[:is]Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Guðmundur Magnússon, HI Titill: Multi Dispatcher Systems and interacting policies Staðsetning: VR-II, V-258Tími: þriðjudagur 18. júní kl. 11.00 Ágrip: This project explores the performance of parallel server system. The focus of the project is a system using multiple heuristic policies to route jobs to a server. To achieve this there is

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Wolfgang Woess

[:is]Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Wolfgang Woess, TU Graz Titill: THE LANGUAGE OF SELF-AVOIDING WALKS Staðsetning: VR-II, V-155Tími: þriðjudagur 4. júní kl. 11.00 Ágrip: Let X = (VX, EX) be an infinite, locally finite, connected graph withoutloops or multiple edges. We consider the edges to be oriented, and EX is equipped withan involution which inverts the

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Primoz Potocnik

[:is]Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Primoz Potocnik, University of Ljubljana Titill: Symmetries of finite graphs – a personal overview Staðsetning: VR-II, V-158Tími: þriðjudagur 28. maí kl. 11.00 Ágrip: Whether a graph is more or less symmetric is typically measured in terms of its automorphism group consisting of all permutation of its vertices which preserves the adjacency

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Giulio Cerbai

[:is]Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Giulio Cerbai, University of Florence Titill: Sorting Permutations Using Pattern-Avoiding Stacks Staðsetning: Tg-227 Tími: Fimmtudagur 9. maí kl. 11.40 Ágrip: The problem of sorting a permutation using a stack was proposed by Knuth in the 1960s. As it is well known, sortable permutations can be characterized in terms of pattern avoidance

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