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Juan Fernando Angel Ramelli

[:is] PhD midway evaluation Fyrirlesari: Juan Fernando Angel Ramelli, HÍ Titill: Entanglement entropy of the quantum Lifshitz model Staðsetning: A-050Tími: Þriðjudag 27.ágúst kl. 09:00 Ágrip: The quantum Lifshitz model (QLM) is a toy model used for studying scale invariant systems in which time and space scale on different footing. This type of behavior occurs, for example, …

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Mohab Abou Zeid

[:is]Math Phys seminar Fyrirlesari: Mohab Abou Zeid, Imperial College London Titill: T-duality in (2,1) superspace and SKT geometry Staðsetning: VR-II, V-156Tími: Föstudag 23.ágúst kl. 14:00 Ágrip: I will explain our recent derivation of the T-duality transformation rules for two-dimensional (2,1) supersymmetric sigma-models in (2,1) superspace. To this end I will first review the gauging of sigma-models in …

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Ro Jefferson

[:is]Math Phys seminar Fyrirlesari: Ro Jefferson, Albert Einstein Institute Potsdam Titill: Black hole interiors and modular inclusions Staðsetning: VR-II, V-156Tími: Fimmtudag 22.ágúst kl. 14:00 Ágrip: We show how the traversable wormhole induced by a double-trace deformation of the thermofield double state can be understood as a modular inclusion of the algebras of exterior operators. The effect of …

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