Málstofa: Dagur Tómas Ásgeirsson

Fyrsta málstofa ársin verður þriðjudaginn 17. janúar kl 13:20 í Naustinu, húsi Endurmenntunar (sami staður og fyrir áramót).
Fyrirlesari er Dagur Tómas Ásgeirsson, Kaupmannahafnarháskóla (og Háskóla Íslands).
Titill hans er Condensed Mathematics.

Ágrip:​ In this expository talk we explain recent work of Dustin Clausen and Peter Scholze about a form of generalised topological spaces called condensed sets, yielding far better categorical properties. Condensed sets are defined as sheaves on a certain site of profinite sets, and hence form a topos. Equipping condensed sets with an algebraic structure is no problem, and then the categorical properties become very useful. Notably, condensed abelian groups form an abelian category, making it a much nicer setting for homological algebra than the category of topological abelian groups. If time permits, we will discuss some different notions of completeness in this setting, and talk about the Liquid Tensor Experiment, a big formalisation project in condensed mathematics that was recently completed.