Andreas Ulovec (16/05/14)

Benedikt Magnússon, May 13, 2014


Speaker: Andreas Ulovec, University of Vienna
Title: MSc4All – Motivating Methods and Materials in Maths and Science

Location: H203, Stakkahlíð — Menntavísindasviði HÍ.
Time: Friday 16. May, at 14:00.


The Comenius projects “PROMOTE MSc” and “MOTIVATE ME in Maths and Science” developed both materials (PROMOTE) and teaching methods (MOTIVATE) for one common goal: To increase students’ motivation in learning Mathematics and Science. Both projects produced very positively evaluated materials in book format:

  • unit descriptors (short summaries) of teaching materials
  • sample units of full teaching materials
  • compendium with a list and concise description of 24 teaching methods
  • case studies demonstrating the teaching methods using the PROMOTE teaching materials

All the materials are also available online for free. The materials have been used in teacher training and in schools now for several years, resulting in a lot of feedback, which has been used to improve the materials.
In this talk we will give an overview of the previous and current projects, and present improved versions of the project materials, i.e. teaching units that have been developed to motivate students to learn mathematics and science. Print versions (in English) of the materials will be given out at the presentation free of charge.