Christiana Pantelidou

Valentina Giangreco, June 7, 2019

Math Phys seminar

Speaker: Christiana Pantelidou, Durham University

Title: Incoherent hydrodynamics and density waves

Location: VR-II, V-258
Time: Monday June 24 at 2.00 pm


I will consider thermal phases of holographic lattices at finite chemical potential in which a continuous internal bulk symmetry can be spontaneously broken. In the normal phase, translational symmetry is explicitly broken by the lattice and the long wavelength excitations are captured by incoherent hydrodynamics describing two perturbative diffusive modes. In the broken phase an additional diffusive hydrodynamic degree of freedom appears. In this talk I will use holography to write an effective theory describing the coupling of incoherent hydrodynamics to this goldstone mode.