Emil Have

Carlos Argaez Garcia, September 29, 2019

Math phys colloquium

Speaker: Emil Have, University of Edinburgh

Title: Newton-Cartan Submanifolds and Biophysical (Fluid) Membranes

Room L-201 Lögberg
Time: Tuesday 8th October, 11:00hrs


Originally developed to provide a geometric foundation for Newtonian gravity, Newton-Cartan geometry and its torsionful generalization have recently experienced a revival of interest, particularly in the contexts of non-AdS holography and various condensed matter problems — notably the quantum Hall effect. In this talk, I will describe a general theory of Newton-Cartan submanifolds. A covariant description of non-relativistic fluids on surfaces is an important open problem with a wide range of applications in for example biophysics. Recasting ‘elastic’ models, such as the Canham-Helfrich bending energy, in a Newton-Cartan setting allows for a covariant notion of non-relativistic time and provides the ideal starting point for a treatment of Galilean fluids on extremal submanifolds using the technology of hydrostatic partition functions.