Aruna Rajagopal (22/11/2018)

Valentina Giangreco, October 28, 2018

Math Phys seminar

Speaker: Aruna Rajagopal, University of Iceland

Title: Shock and Rarefaction Waves in Out of Equilibrium Lifshitz Fluids

Location: VR-II 155
Time: Thursday November 22 at 13.30


Motivated by the recent developments and interest in the emergence of a non equilibrium steady state or NESS, for a relativistic fluid, and its possible holographic dual, we follow a similar framework to study the properties of such a state for a non-relativistic Lifshitz fluid with a general scaling exponent. This is carried out by solving the Riemann problem for the NESS which develops between two semi-infinite heat reservoirs that are brought into contact, and studying the shock and rarefaction waves which emerge as solutions to this problem.