Juan Fernando Angel Ramelli

, August 22, 2019

PhD midway evaluation

Speaker: Juan Fernando Angel Ramelli, HÍ

Title: Entanglement entropy of the quantum Lifshitz model

Room: A-050
Time: Tuesday 27th August, 09:00hrs


The quantum Lifshitz model (QLM) is a toy model used for studying scale invariant systems in which time and space scale on different footing. This type of behavior occurs, for example, in the context of critical phenomena. Entanglement entropy is a purely quantum measure of correlation between subsystems. It is a useful theoretical probe, as it encodes certain universal properties of critical models. I review the QLM as well as its generalization to higher dimensions, and show how to construct its excited states on compact manifolds. Through careful application of the replica method, I demonstrate that analytic results can be obtained for the entanglement entropy of both its ground state and its excited states.