Anders Karl Claesson, University of Iceland

Carlos Argaez Garcia, January 12, 2021

Math colloquium

Speaker: Anders Karl Claesson, University of Iceland

Title: On the problem of Hertzsprung and similar problems

Room: Via Zoom. Link to be sent.
Time: Tuesday January 19th, 10:00 hrs


Drawing on a problem posed by Hertzsprung in 1887 (sometimes called the n-kings problem), we say that a permutation w contains the Hertzsprung pattern u if there is factor w(d+1)w(d+2)…w(d+k) of w such that w(d+1)-u(1) = … = w(d+k)-u(k).  Using a combination of the Goulden-Jackson cluster method (which we explain) and the transfer-matrix method we determine the joint distribution of occurrences of any set of (incomparable) Hertzsprung patterns, thus substantially generalizing earlier results by Jackson et al. on the distribution of ascending and descending runs in permutations.  We apply our results to the problem of counting permutations up to pattern-replacement equivalences, and using pattern-rewriting systems—a new formalism similar to the much studied string-rewriting systems—we solve a couple of open problems raised by Linton et al. in 2012.