Andrzej Borowiec (28/08/14)

Benedikt Magnússon, August 25, 2014

Math Colloquium

Speaker: Andrzej Borowiec, University of Wroclaw, Institute for Theoretical Physics
Title: Twisted techniques in deformation quantization

Location: V-155, VRII
Time: Thursday August 28., at 16:00 – 17:30.


Deformation quantization is a generalization of Weyl quantization extended to Poisson manifolds (Fedosov, Kontsevich). It is based on deformation theory of algebraic structures introduced by Gerstenhaber. Twisted tensor techniques proposed by Drinfeld in the context of quantum groups become an important tool of noncommutative geometry for constructing new quantum spaces and their symmetries. I will show how these notions are related and briefly discuss some recent results.