Dan Popovici (26/06/14)

Benedikt Magnússon, June 25, 2014

Math Colloquium

Speaker: Dan Popovici, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse
Title: Positivity cones of the Aeppli chomologoy of compact complex manifolds

Location: V-155, VRII
Time: Thursday, June 26th, 15:00-16:00.


We define the Gauduchon cone of a compact complex $n$-dimensional manifold $X$ as the open convex cone consisting of Aeppli cohomology classes of powers $\omega^{n-1}$ of Gauduchon metrics $\omega$, while the sG (strongly Gauduchon) cone is defined as the intersection of the Gauduchon cone with a certain vector subspace. We will discuss the roles that these two cones play in describing fundamental geometric properties of $X$ as well as in the geometry of holomorphic deformations of the complex structure of $X$.