Daniel Fernandez Moreno (07/07/17)

Anders Claesson, July 4, 2017

Math Colloquium

Speaker: Daniel Fernandez Moreno, University of Iceland

Title: Entanglement entropy at non-equilibrium in holography

Location: Tg-227 (Tæknigarður, 2. hæð)
Time: Friday 7 July at 13:20


In recent years, holographic models have proved to be successful at studying far-from-equilibrium physics. This provides a new approach to studying quantum quenches in strongly coupled systems. In this talk, based on ArXiv:1705.04696, I will focus on the local quench-like time evolution obtained by joining two 1+1 dimensional heat baths at different temperatures. I will present results for the entanglement entropy of different entangling regions obtained by adapting the time-dependent Hubeny-Rangamani-Takayanagi prescription. The interest of this study relies on the presence of emergent collective behavior, which can provide insight into the interplay between quantum effects and out of equilibrium physics.