Friðrik Freyr Gautason (07/04/17)

Anders Claesson, April 5, 2017

Math Colloquium

Speaker: Friðrik Freyr Gautason, K.U. Leuven

Title: Large field inflation in string theory

Location: Tg-227 (Tæknigarður, 2. hæð)
Time: Friday 7 April at 13:20


I start by motivating that certain questions in cosmology, in particular dark energy and large field inflation, should be addressed in a quantum model that includes gravity such as string theory. I will give an overview how these questions are translated to dynamics in the extra dimensions of string theory and what challenges one encounters. I then present a novel model for inflation in string theory and discuss some of the stringent consistency constraints the parameters of the model must satisfy and how these constraints affect cosmological observables.