Jason Smith (21/04/17)

Anders Claesson, April 18, 2017

Math Colloquium

Speaker: Jason Smith, University of Strathclyde

Title: Poset Fibrations and Their Applications to Pattern Posets

Location: Tg-227 (Tæknigarður, 2. hæð)
Time: Friday 21 April at 13:30


A poset fibration is a rank and order preserving surjective map between posets. It was shown by Quillen that many properties of posets can be maintained across a fibration, we introduce some of these results. Pattern occurrence has been studied on a wide range of combinatorial objects, and using the notion of pattern containment we can define a poset on these objects. Many such pattern posets have been studied in the literature and the results on these posets often have a similar theme. Using poset fibrations we introduce some results that show why such similarities arise between different pattern posets.