Long Li (14/02/2019)

Valentina Giangreco, February 8, 2019

Math Colloquium

Speaker: Long Li

Title: On the constant scalar curvature Kaehler metrics with cone like singularities along divisors

Location: V-258, VR-II
Time: Thursday February 14 at kl. 11.40


In this talk, we will discuss the uniqueness and the existence problems for the constant scalar curvature Kaehler(cscK) metrics with conic singularities along divisors, on a compact complex Kaehler manifold. The uniqueness of these conic cscK metrics follows from the convexity of the so called conic-Mabuchi functional along geodesics in the space of all conic Kaehler metrics. The proof of the existence traces back to a conic version of Chen’s continuity path for cscK metrics, and we will establish all the sufficient “a prior estimates” to prove the closedness of this continuity path.