Sangmin Lee, Seoul National University

Carlos Argaez Garcia, February 19, 2020


Math colloquium

Speakers: Sangmin Lee, Seoul National University

Title: Complete 1st post-Minkowskian potential from scattering amplitudes.

Room: VHV-007 (Veröld)
Time: Monday 24th January  10:00hrs


Building upon recent progress in applying amplitude techniques to perturbative general relativity, we propose a closed-form formula for the conservative Hamiltonian of a spinning binary system at the 1st post-Minkowskian order. It is applicable for general spinning bodies with arbitrary spin multipole moments. It is linear in gravitational constant by definition, but exact to all orders in momentum and spin expansions. At each spin order, our formula implies that the spin-dependence and momentum dependence factorize completely. We compare our formula to a similar one derived in 2017 from a spinning test-body near a Kerr black hole and find perfect agreement.