The Mathematics Division is a forum for research in mathematics and mathematical physics.

The subjects studied at the Mathematics Division cover a wide range of topics from mathematics and mathematical physics. These are principally in the areas of algebra, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, complex analysis, analytic geometry, quantum field theory, string theory, noncommutative geometry, differential geometry, functional analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations, bifurcation theory and graph theory.

Members of the Mathematics Division announce research results in the preprint series given out by the Science Institute. They naturally also publish in local and international scientific journals.

Members of the Mathematics Division are involved in lively collaborations with colleagues around the world and there are frequent visitors to the division from foreign universities.

The Mathematics Division has run a seminar series since 1975. This provides an opportunity for members of the division, scientists in related subjects, as well as visiting scientists, to present their work.

The head of the division is Gunnar Stefánsson.