Evgeny Poletsky

Evgeny Poletsky frá Syracuse University er í heimsókn hjá okkur og mun hann halda fyrirlestur í Tvinnmálstofunni mánudaginn 30. maí kl. 11:00 í 227 í Tæknigarði.

Titill: (Pluri)potential compactifications

Ágrip: Using pluricomplex Green functions we introduce a compactification of a complex manifold M invariant with respect to biholomorphisms similar to the Martin compactification in the potential theory. For this we show the existence of a norming volume form V on M such that all negative plurisubharmonic functions on M are in L^1(M, V ). Moreover, the set of such functions with the norm not exceeding 1 is compact. Identifying a point w ∈ M with the normalized pluricomplex Green function with pole at w we get an imbedding of M into a compact set and the closure of M in this set is the pluripotential compactification