Daniel Fernández Moreno

Carlos Argaez Garcia, október 5, 2019

Math Phys seminar

Fyrirlesari: Daniel Fernández Moreno, Háskóli Íslands

Titill: The philosophy of emergent spacetime

Staðsetning: HB5 (Háskólabíó)

Tími: Föstudag 18.oktúber kl. 11:40

One of the most startling observations in recent theoretical physics is that certain phenomena are better described as resulting from a higher dimensional spacetime. The gauge-gravity correspondence projects them into a surface infinitely far away. The existence of such a duality between two fully consistent physical theories reduces the number of spacetime dimensions to a mere choice, one that can be more or less useful depending on the physics we want to describe.
This observation brought forth the idea that Spacetime should be understood as an emergent property from quantum field theory. This is usually presented in abstract grounds, disconnected from its consequences on our theoretical perspective of fundamental physics. Consequences which challenge the basic intuitions from classical physics that are otherwise vastly useful in most situations. For this reason, as opposed to most seminars in the topic, this talk will ignore the structure of the reasoning and the mathematical rigor. Instead, I will present to you the topic of emergent Spacetime focused on gaining an intuitive feeling about the connection of such a seemingly abstract concept with the real world.