Danny Brattan

Carlos Argaez Garcia, september 29, 2019

Math colloquium

Fyrirlesari: Danny Brattan, University of Genoa

Titill: Hydrodynamical charge density wave description for transport in the strange metal phase of cuprates

Staðsetning: Naustið-Endurmenntun
Tími: Miðvikudag 9.oktúber kl. 11:00

The mechanism controlling the exotic behavior of the transport properties in the strange metallic phase of high temperature superconductors is one of the main unresolved problems in condensed matter physics. I will discuss our recent paper (1909.07991) where we develop a framework for describing the hydrodynamics of charge density wave (CDW) order in a magnetic field (extending earlier theoretical developments) and where we determine the DC transport coefficients within this formalism. In this work we performed a complete characterization of the DC transport coefficients (including less common ones like transverse thermal conductivity and Nernst effect) of a single crystal of Bi-2201 close to optimal doping and we found complete self-consistent agreement of this data with the CDW model. This suggests CDW order may be sufficient to explain the unusual properties of the strange metal phase of the cuprates.