Lukas Schneiderbauer

Valentina Giangreco, apríl 26, 2019

Math Phys Seminar

Titill: Holographic Complexity of Two-Dimensional Black Holes

Fyrirlesari: Lukas Schneiderbauer, HÍ

Staðsetning: VR-II 158
Tími: Mánudaginn 29. apríl, kl. 10:00


Interest in holographic complexity arose when it was proposed as the dual quantity of the complexity of a quantum state in the context of AdS/CFT. However, it was realized that this quantity behaves reasonably even for geometries which are asymptotically flat and therefore do not fall under the AdS/CFT umbrella.

Motivated by this, we adapt and evaluate proposals for holographic complexity in black hole solutions of the CGHS model and variants thereof. These solutions describe 1+1 dimensional black hole geometries which are asymptotically flat.
The advantage of working with these models is that they allow for analytic treatment even in time-dependent backgrounds such as gravitational collapse or even black hole evaporation.