Mohab Abou Zeid

, ágúst 20, 2019

Math Phys seminar

Fyrirlesari: Mohab Abou Zeid, Imperial College London

Titill: T-duality in (2,1) superspace and SKT geometry

Staðsetning: VR-II, V-156
Tími: Föstudag 23.ágúst kl. 14:00


I will explain our recent derivation of the T-duality transformation rules for two-dimensional (2,1) supersymmetric sigma-models in (2,1) superspace. To this end I will first review the gauging of sigma-models in (2,1) superspace and present a new manifestly real and geometric expression for the gauged action. I will  also discuss the obstructions to gauging (2,1) sigma-models and show that the obstructions to (2,1) T-duality are considerably weaker than the obstructions to gauging. Our complexified T-duality transformations are equivalent to the usual Buscher duality transformations (including an important refinement) together with diffeomorphisms. Time permitting, I will mention some possible applications of our results.