Málstofa: Davide Astesiano

Ellefta málstofa haustsins verður föstudaginn 2. desember ​​​​kl 10:30 í Naustinu, húsi Endurmenntunar.
Fyrirlesari er Davide Astesiano, Raunvísindastofnun, Háskóla Íslands.
Titill hans er Rotating solutions in GR: meaning and misconceptions

Ágrip:​ I will discuss rotating solutions in General Relativity. In particular I will focus on reference frames.

Originally introduced in connection with general relativistic Coriolis forces, the term framedragging is associated today with a plethora of effects related to the off-diagonal element of the metric tensor. It is also frequently the subject of misconceptions leading to incorrect predictions, even of nonexistent effects. I show that there are three different levels of frame-dragging corresponding to three distinct gravitomagnetic objects.