Málstofa: János Ruff

Þriðja málstofa haustsins verður föstudaginn 30. september ​​​​kl 10:00 (athugið óvenjulegan tíma) í Naustinu húsi Endurmenntunar. Fyrirlesari er János Ruff, University of Pécs, Ungverjalandi.
Titill hans er Finite Geometry and cardgames


Finite geometry is a rather new area in the intersection of geometry, algebra and combinatorics. The intuition generally comes from geometry and the tools can be algebraic or combinatorial too. We introduce the concept of finite projective planes and after proving their basic combinatorial properties we will see how they were used to design one of the best selling and most popular cardgames. The concept of finite inversive planes leads to a class of new possible cardgames, which we will show and the audience will have a chance to play with. We discuss the combinatorial properties of finite Möbius planes relevant for these games. If we have time we also introduce the more general combinatorial concept of t-designs and show some fundamental combinatorial results.