Alessandra Cagnazzo (20/05/16)

Málstofa í stærðfræði

Fyrirlesari: Alessandra Cagnazzo
Titill: Anomalous dimension in 2d non-linear sigma models.

Staðsetning: TG-227, (tæknistofan, annarri hæð í Tæknigarði)
Tími: Föstudagur 20. maí kl. 13:20.


2d non-linear sigma models are widely used in high and low energy physics. In my talk I will present how to compute the one-loop anomalous dimension for fields in some cases in which the background is a coset space. I will review the formula for the case in which the background is a symmetric coset (that admits a \(Z_2\) automorphism) and present the new result for \(Z_4\)-cosets. The last result is applicable to the string described by the pure spinor formalism on \(\mathrm{AdS}_5\times S^5\) and it is relevant for AdS/CFT.