Yadollah Zare, Galatasaray University

Carlos Argaez Garcia, júní 9, 2020

Math colloquium

Fyrirlesari: Yadollah Zare, Galatasaray University

Titill: Center conditions: pull-back of differential equations.


The space of polynomial differential equations of a fixed degree with a center singularity has many irreducible components. We prove that pull-back differential equations form an irreducible component of such a space. This method is inspired by Ilyashenko and Movasati’s method. The main concepts are the Picard-Lefschetz theory of a polynomial in two variables with complex coefficients, the Dynkin diagram of the polynomial and the iterated integral.

Staðsetning: V-158, VR-II
Tími: Föstudag 12.Júní kl.10:00

Notice that is recommended to keep two meters apart from other attendants.