Málstofa í tölfræði

Fyrirlesari: Okan Bulut
Titill: Profile Analysis of Multivariate Data Using the profileR Package

Staðsetning: Stofa 5, Háskólabíó.
Tími: Miðvikudagur 28. október, klukkan 11:00-12:00.


Profile analysis is a psychometric clustering technique that is the equivalent of a repeated measures extension of the multivariate analysis of variance model. Profile analysis is used by researchers and practitioners to identify whether two or more groups of individuals have significantly distinct or similar profiles based on a set of continuous variables (e.g., test scores on a battery of tests). Profile analysis involves the quantification of the elevation, variation, and parallelism of multiple variables across groups. The profileR package (Bulut & Desjardins, 2015) in R can perform several profile analytic methods, including criterion-related profile analysis, profile analysis via multidimensional scaling, moderated profile analysis, profile analysis by group, and a within-person factor model to derive score profiles. This presentation will provide a brief introduction about common profile analytic techniques and demonstrate their application using the profileR package in R.