Carlos Argaez Garcia

Valentina Giangreco, febrúar 15, 2019

Málstofa í stærðfræði

Fyrirlesari: Carlos Argaez Garcia, Háskóli Íslands

Titill: Numerical methods for dynamic systems: Analysis of stability

Staðsetning: V-258, VR-II
Tími: Fimmtudagur 21. febrúar kl. 11.40


Dynamic systems describe the evolution over time of quantities governed by
differential equations. Therefore they are a powerful descriptive tool of
phenomena originated in applied disciplines.
A  complete Lyapunov  function describes the dynamic behavior of such
systems without requiring the explicit solution of the differential
equations. However, these have the disadvantage of being difficult to
The algorithms proposed here, reduce the effort to obtain such functions
and even more, are able to isolate the regions whose dynamics have a
periodic behavior.
Throughout this talk, simple examples of applications in both two- and
three-dimensional systems will be given.