Math Phys/Phys seminar

Fyrirlesari: Jens H. Bárðarson, KTH Stockholm

Titill: On the chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetals

Staðsetning: VR-II 158
Tími:þriðjudagur 4. desember, kl. 13.30


I will give an introduction to the physics of Weyl semimetals focussing on Fermi arcs and chiral anomaly. I will then discuss some transport properties of Weyl semimetals including strongly angular-dependent magnetotransport in the presence of long range disorder, and the difference between the longitudinal conductance in the presence of magnetic field and chiral pseudo-magnetic field. The latter points in opposite direction for opposite chiralities and can be induced, for example, by strain. This leads to a discussion of pseudo-landau levels and their connection with Fermi arcs and covariant and consistent chiral anomaly. I will also mention a new axial torsional contribution to the axial anomaly.