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Málstofa: Sigurður Freyr Hafstein

22. febrúar, kl. 11:40, í Oddi O-106. Fyrirlesari: Sigurður Freyr Hafstein, Háskóli Íslands Titill: Contraction Metrics and their numerical computation, Part 2 Ágrip:  Similar to Lyapunov functions, Contraction Metrics can be used to characterize the long term behavior of dynamical systems.  We will discuss what they are, their relation to Lyapunov functions, and how they

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Málstofa: Einar Bjarki Gunnarsson

October 6, 11:40 Room N-130 Speaker: Ejnar Bjarki Gunnarsson (University of Iceland) Title: The site frequency spectrum of a neutrally evolving tumor Abstract: The site frequency spectrum (SFS) is a popular summary statistic of genomic data, recording the frequencies of mutations within a given population. While the SFS of a constant-sized population undergoing neutral mutations

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Doktorsvörn: Hjörtur Björnsson

Doktorsefni: Hjörtur Björnsson Heiti ritgerðar: Lyapunov föll og slembin kerfi: Fræði og tölulegar aðferðir (Lyapunov Functions for Stochastic Systems: Theory and Numerics) Leiðbeinandi: Dr. Sigurður Freyr Hafstein, prófessor við Raunvísindadeild HÍ Einnig í doktorsnefnd: Dr. Sigurður Örn Stefánsson, prófessor við Raunvísindadeild HÍ Dr. Peter Giesl, prófessor við Háskólann í Sussex, Bretlandi Andmælendur: Dr. Gerardo Barrera

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Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Brittany A. Erickson Titill: A Finite Difference Method for Plastic Response with an Application to the Earthquake Cycle Staðsetning: V-157, VR-II. Tími: Mánudagur 8. ágúst kl. 13:20. Ágrip: We are developing an efficient, computational framework for simulating multiple earthquake cycles with off-fault plastic response. Both rate-independent and viscoplasticity are considered, where

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Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Sylvain Arguillère Titill: Constrained Shape Analysis Through Flows of Diffeomorphisms Staðsetning: TG-227 (Tæknigarður, 2. hæð) Tími: Föstudagur 24. júní kl. 13:20. Ágrip: The general purpose of shape analysis is to compare different shapes in a way that takes into account their geometric properties, such as smoothness, number of self-intersection points, convexity…

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Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Ana Carpio, Universidad Complutense de Madrid Titill: Well posedness of a kinetic model for angiogenesis Staðsetning: VR-II, 158. Tími: Fimmtudagur 9. júlí, klukkan 15:00-16:00. Ágrip: Tumor induced angiogenesis processes including the effect of stochastic motion and branching of blood vessels can be described coupling an integrodifferential kinetic equation of Fokker-Planck type

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Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Luis L. Bonilla, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Titill: Hybrid modeling of tumor induced angiogenesis Staðsetning: VR-II, 158. Tími: Fimmtudagur 9. júlí, klukkan 13:30-14:30. Ágrip: Angiogenesis is the formation of blood vessels induced by a deficit of oxygen in tissues. It is a basic process in wound repair, formation of vessel

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