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Málstofa: Gordon Slade

Málstofa 12 september, kl. 10:50 (athugið óvenjulega tímasetningu!) Fyrirlesari: Gordon Slade (University of British Columbia)Titill: Self-avoiding walk, spin systems, and renormalisationÁgrip: The subject of critical phenomena in statistical mechanics is a rich source of interesting and difficult mathematical problems that touch oncombinatorics, probability, and mathematical physics. Self-avoiding walks and lattice spin systems provide fundamental examples. This

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Málstofa: Friðrik Freyr Gautason

Næsta málstofa verður þriðjudaginn 21. mars kl 13:20 í Naustinu, húsi Endurmenntunar. Fyrirlesari er Friðrik Freyr Gautason, Háskóla Íslands. Titill fyrirlestrarins er Localization and the AdS/CFT correspondence. Ágrip: When studying quantum systems of particles and their interactions, we are often interested in computing the so-called partition function which is a generating function for physical observables.

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Málstofa: Marco S. Bianchi

Næsta málstofa verður þriðjudaginn 24. janúar kl 13:20 í Naustinu, húsi Endurmenntunar (sami staður og fyrir áramót). Fyrirlesari er Marco S. Bianchi, Universidad Austral de Chile. Titill hans er Three-point functions in maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. Ágrip: Various observables of maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory (N=4 SYM) in four dimensions can be determined exactly, relying on their

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Málstofa: Davide Astesiano

Ellefta málstofa haustsins verður föstudaginn 2. desember ​​​​kl 10:30 í Naustinu, húsi Endurmenntunar. Fyrirlesari er Davide Astesiano, Raunvísindastofnun, Háskóla Íslands. Titill hans er Rotating solutions in GR: meaning and misconceptions Ágrip:​ I will discuss rotating solutions in General Relativity. In particular I will focus on reference frames. Originally introduced in connection with general relativistic Coriolis

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Málstofa: Þórður Jónsson

Níunda málstofa haustsins verður föstudaginn 4. nóvember ​​​​kl 10:30 í Naustinu, húsi Endurmenntunar.  Fyrirlesari er Þórður Jónsson, Háskóla Íslands.  Titill hans er Quantum walk on a comb Abstract:  We give a short introduction to continuous time quantum walk on graphs, discuss simple examples and compare with the usual random walk.  Then we study quantum walk

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Málstofa: Victoria Lynn Martin

Fyrsta málstofa haustsins verður föstudaginn 16. apríl kl 10:30 í Naustinu húsi Endurmenntunar.  Fyrirlesari er Victoria Lynn Martin, Raunvísindastofnun háskólans. Titill hennar er A Selberg zeta function for warped manifolds. Abstract: In this talk I begin by introducing the Selberg zeta function of hyperbolic quotient manifolds (H^3/G, where H^3 is 3-dimensional hyperbolic space and G is a discrete Schottky group) and reviewing a fruitful

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Málstofa í stærðfræði Fyrirlesari: Alessandra Cagnazzo Titill: Anomalous dimension in 2d non-linear sigma models. Staðsetning: TG-227, (tæknistofan, annarri hæð í Tæknigarði) Tími: Föstudagur 20. maí kl. 13:20. Ágrip: 2d non-linear sigma models are widely used in high and low energy physics. In my talk I will present how to compute the one-loop anomalous dimension for

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