Málstofa: Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir

Fyrirlesari: Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir (Háskóli Íslands).
Titill: Introducing <colette/>, a Computational Thinking Learning Environment for Teachers in Europe.
8. desember 2023, kl. 11:40 í tg-227 í Tæknigarði.
Ágrip: During the past 3 years, I took part in the European research and development project <colette/>, which stands for „Computational Thinking Learning Environment for Teachers in Europe“. The project was co-founded by the European Union. My role in the project was (i) to design mathematical tasks for lower and upper secondary school students with emphasis on computational thinking skills, (ii) to frame and test the learning environment, and (iii) to design, try-out, and refine professional development courses for teachers. The learning environment <colette/> is intended for teaching and learning computational thinking skills independently from the socio-economic background of students and schools. Within the <colette/> project, an app for students, a webportal for teachers, and a sequence of professional development courses for teachers have been developed and translated into five languages (English, German, French, Slovak, Dutch). All these resources are available and accessible free of charge. In this talk, I will introduce the project by giving some insights into the design process, showcasing the web portal, and inviting participants to try a path of computational thinking tasks in the role of students.