Málstofa: Evangelos Tsolakidis

Fyrirlesari: Evangelos Tsolakidis (Háskóli Íslands)
Titill: A Gentle Approach to Random Matrices
Staðsetning: 24 nóvember 2023, kl. 11:40 í stofu 152 í VR-II
Ágrip: Bob and Rob are two trees living in full awe somewhere deep in rural Scandinavia. They are acquainted with Odin’s two best friends, Huginn and Muninn, that overlook Midgard from the height of a telephone line. These two groups of friends seem to have something in common, they always seem to keep a certain distance from each other. In this talk, we will investigate dynamics of such systems through a very powerful and highly intuitive economic analogy.