Málstofa: Rögnvaldur Möller

Fyrsta málstofa vetrarins verður 8 september, 11:40, í N-130Fyrirlesari: Rögnvaldur Möller (Háskóla Íslands)
Titill:  Planting, growing and felling trees in group theoryÁgrip:  Trees and group actions on trees play an important role in many branches of group theory:  Bass-Serre theory is one of the cornerstones of geometric group theory, the automorphism groups of a regular trees are the quintessential examples of totally disconnected, locally compact groups and  Tits’ theorem from 1970 gives a supply of infinite simple groups.  In this talk I want to describe a construction that unifies all of these aspects (and some more).
This is joint work with Florian Lehner (University of Auckland), Christian Lindorfer (TU Graz) and Wolfgang Woess (TU Graz).