Midway evaluation, Daniel Amankwah

Room: Via Zoom. Link to be sent.
Time: Friday, December 11, at 10:00.

Doctoral student: Daniel Amankwah

Project title: Scaling limits of random, face-weighted, tree like planar maps.

Project description: The doctoral project lies in the scope of random planar maps. We investigate scaling limits of various classes of discrete planar maps which are by construction “tree-like”. These include Halin maps, outerplanar maps, series-parallel maps and more. The Brownian Continuum Random tree (CRT), introduced by David Aldous has been known to be the limit of various different discrete models of planar maps uniformly sampled. We focus on the case when each face in the maps is assigned a heavy tailed weight so that a typical face is in the domain of attraction of a stable law. It is known that for several such models for treelike graphs the scaling limits are the so-called stable looptrees. We aim to understand how generically this happens. For this reason we will consider classes of maps which have not been studied in this scope in the literature. Examples include Halin maps, Series-Parallel maps and Maps of bounded tree-width.

Supervisor: Sigurður Örn Stefánsson