Málstofa: Sigurður Freyr Hafstein

22. febrúar, kl. 11:40, í Oddi O-106. Fyrirlesari: Sigurður Freyr Hafstein, Háskóli Íslands Titill: Contraction Metrics and their numerical computation, Part 2 Ágrip:  Similar to Lyapunov functions, Contraction Metrics can be used to characterize the long term behavior of dynamical systems.  We will discuss what they are, their relation to Lyapunov functions, and how they […]

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Málstofa: Anders Claesson

8. february, kl. 11:40, í Oddi O-106 Fyrirlesari: Anders Claesson, Háskóli Íslands. Titill: Permutations with few inversions Ágrip: We consider permutations of [n] with at most n inversions; this is what we mean by permutation with few inversions. In particular, we present a curious generating function for permutations of [n] with exactly n inversion. Furthermore,

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Meistaraprófsfyrirlestur: Guðjón Helgi Auðunsson

Föstudaginn 19. janúar kl. 15:00, mun Guðjón Helgi Auðunsson kynna meistraprófsritgerð sýna. Fyrirlesturinn fer fram í stofu 138 í VR2 og verður fluttur á ensku. Titill: Additive functionals with product toll functions on Galton-Watson trees Ágrip: Additive functionals on binary trees represent the cost of many divide-and-conquer algorithms. In this study, we derive the growth

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Málstofa: Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir

Fyrirlesari: Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir (Háskóli Íslands). Titill: Introducing <colette/>, a Computational Thinking Learning Environment for Teachers in Europe. 8. desember 2023, kl. 11:40 í tg-227 í Tæknigarði. Ágrip: During the past 3 years, I took part in the European research and development project <colette/>, which stands for „Computational Thinking Learning Environment for Teachers in Europe“. The project was

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Málstofa: Benedikt Magnússon

Fyrirlesari: Benedikt Steinar Magnússon (Háskóli Íslands) Titill: Liouville’s theorem: variant for graded polynomial rings Staðsetning: 1 desember 2023, kl. 11:40 í stofu 152 í VR-II Ágrip: Liouville’s theorem is a fundamental theorem in complex analysis which states that every bounded entire function must be constant. A corollary of it shows that an entire function which

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Málstofa: Szabolcs Horvát

Fyrirlesari: Szabolcs Horvát (Háskólinn í Reykjavík) Titill: Characterizing spatial networks through β-skeletons 17. nóvember 17, kl. 11:40 í stofu 152 in VR-2 Ágrip: Network science has developed many methods for the characterization of networks, most being designed for generic sparse graphs. However, the nodes of many real-world networks exist in physical space, with only nearby

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